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Civilstruts Consulting Engineers (CCE) is an Infrastructure Development Consulting Engineering firm formed in early 1999. The firm was formed to provide services ranging from Pre-investment Studies, Civil & Structural Engineering Design, Construction Supervision, Project Management, and Contractual Support.


CCE is entirely Zambian owned and managed, and has its head office located in the CBD of Lusaka city. The firm is a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Zambia (ACEZ), registered with the Engineering Registration Board (ERB), and is a member of the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ). Further, the firm is a registered consultant with the Roads Development Agency (RDA) and the National Council for Construction (in Zambia).





  • Mission

    We strive to offer individualized attention and responsive communication. A fundamental understanding of each client and their requirements is a key factor for the successes scored by CCE. The firm strives to exceed client expectations, offering solutions that are cost-effective, simple to execute and which work.

  • Philosophy

    Our work philosophy is anchored around sound and sustainable business practices, based on trust, honesty and integrity. We strive to engage the best talents available, provide them with a conducive working environment, and provide the latest technological aids to enable them attain their full potential. A culture of continuous improvement is actively nurtured throughout CCE at all levels.

  • Certification

    CCE is a recipient of several awards from the National Council for Construction (NCC) for our quality and innovation. CCE is a registered with the following:


    • As firm with the Engineering Institution of Zambia.




Africa Milling Congo-Structural/Civil Engineers

CCE has built a reputation for delivering high quality solutions, with clear detailing  and/or specification as per respective project requirements. This has been achieved  through a committed, highly skilled and motivated workforce, supported by a structured quality control management

system and a rigorous internal design audit process.


The core staff of CCE jointly has over 50 years of experience in infrastructure development, engineering and project management. The firm thus offers comprehensive consultancy and  engineering services. Substantial and continual investment in the latest engineering software  and packages, coupled with the vast experience of the core staff has enabled CCE secure its  position as one of the leading and most highly regarded consulting engineering firms in Zambia.



CCE is a recipient of several awards from the National Council for Construction (NCC) for our quality and innovation. The firm has associated with foreign firms on several projects, highlighting its high standard of work. CCE is your one-stop engineering entity offering solutions to suit any category of client.


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