Our Services

CCE undertakes projects both large and small, covering an array of sectors.

Projects covered include roadworks, buildings, urban infrastructure, water & land resource development and waste-water management. Our clientele include private businesses, non-governmental organisations, international corporations, academic institutions, government departments, private industries and parastatal (public) companies.


Our drafting team is skilled and provides complete details of all designs as required by respective projects. Civilstruts Consulting Engineers relies on PROKON ™, AUTOCAD™, REVIT Structures, Civil 3D 2018 and TEKLA.



    CCE offers a plethora of Civil Engineering services including the design of bulk earthworks, highways, water reticulation, sewer networks and storm water drainage. Other services offered include:


    • Planning the layout of project sites to incorporate existing drainage levels, ground levels and road access facilities.

    • Storm Water Drainage Design

    • Access Roads and Parking Lot Layout & Design

    • Bulk Earthwork Design

    • Asphalt and Concrete Paving Systems

    • Traffic Marking Layout & Design

    • Traffic Impact Assessments

    • Water and Sewer Reticulation and Treatment




    CCE is the primary Structural Engineering firm in Zambia. CCE offers a wide range of structural engineering services including of all complexities. CCE is current with modern construction techniques and materials, and utilizes the latest computer aids to ensure that designs are completed efficiently.

    CCE have extensive experience in the use of the most common modern materials like reinforced insitu concrete, pre-cast concrete, structural steel, timber, and composites of these materials.


    Services offered include:

    • Structural Design

    • Technical Specifications

    • Construction Supervision Services

    • Pre-Purchase/Due Diligence

    • Feasibility Studies

    • Structural Audits and Forensic Engineering

    • Rehabilitation, Renovation and Structural Assessments




    CCE has experience with specialist designs in areas where “normal” foundations are insufficient. With consideration to ground conditions, CCE offers the following services:

    • Design of Driven, Auger, Oscillator and CFA piles

    • Design of Soil Improvement Solutions

    • Design of soil and rock anchors

    • Design of various types of raft foundations

    • Soils / Geotechnical Investigations





    Professional project management is needed to reach project goals regarding time, quality, and cost.

    CCE has many years of experience in the preparation and execution of large-scale, interdisciplinary projects. CCE ensures successful completion of projects with due consideration to safety, time, quality and cost.

    The following services are offered by CCE:

    • Project Organization

    • Preparation of Contract Documentation

    • Implementation Programming

    • Construction Scheduling

    • Procurement Advice

    • Technical Appraisal and Advice

    • Construction Supervision




    CCE is able to provide feasibility studies to investigate whether a concept satisfies the stakeholder objectives, and to determine the technical, economic, social and environmental constraints for a particular project. Other services provided include:

    • Site Investigations and Selection

    • General Development Studies and Assessments

    • Soils and Materials Survey

    • Conceptual Designs

    • Preliminary Studies, Budgetary Estimates and Cost Planning

    • Master Planning

    • Cost-benefit Economic Analysis

    • Preparation and submission of Environmental Project Briefs

    • Social Impact Assessments for projects






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